A Bright CMS

An open source, lightweight, web application framework and content management system in PHP.

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  • MVC Architecture

    Built using Objected Oriented principles in PHP and an MVC architechture, A Bright CMS is made to be easy to use, extend, and deploy.

  • Content Manageable

    Content is managed by JSON or XML files so that clients and/or developers can edit content easily without disrupting code.

  • Responsive

    LESS code allows easy CSS development that aids in creating responsive design layouts and separating presentation from content.

  • Extensible

    Easily add on libraries to extend functionality and provide additional features. Some modules already available on my github account!

  • Rapid Deployment

    Get a website up and running with minimal effort and spend time doing the things you care about more like making a great user experience.

  • Light Footprint

    The framework is small and contains only basic necessities. Smaller means less server load and energy use as well as improved load times and a better mobile experience.

Who Uses A Bright CMS?

Why Use A Bright CMS?

  • Keep It Simple

    Build websites with light content management and without all the overhead and complexity of a package like WordPress.

  • OO PHP Knowledge

    If you have intermediate knowledge of OO PHP and want a lighter alternative to frameworks like Code Igniter and Zend.

  • Client Goals

    Your clients have specific needs and you want to build out their project from an early state, but keep it manageable.