What is A Bright CMS?

    A Bright CMS is a basic web application and website framework built in PHP, following MVC principles, and utilizing JSON or XML to separate and manage content.


    The framework was initially built with 2 goals:

    • Utilize OO PHP and MVC principles.
    • Create a reusable framework that is great for small websites and apps.

    Most frameworks for development are large and can be difficult to understand for beginners. Most are also too heavy for a variety of projects where the goal is to create a basic website for oneself or a client where content can be cleanly separated from presentation. It can also be desirable to begin work on an application from close to a ground state, so as to afford room for customizability from deep within the system.

    Who Should Use A Bright CMS?

    • Developers and designers with intermediate knowledge of PHP and object oriented programming.
    • Those looking for a simple way to manage content and integrate it through custom back end code, for total control over functionality and display.
    • Those looking to start building a custom web app from a very basic level.

    Who Should Not Use A Bright CMS?

    • Those without a decent understanding of OO PHP and web development or don’t have the desire to learn.
    • Those looking to build large-scale applications rapidly.
    • Those looking to avoid getting their hands dirty in custom coding.


    The initial inspiration for this project came from my desire to learn MVC and OO principles and the need for a custom, lightweight alternative to many existing frameworks. Code Igniter is a specific existing project that served as inspiration, as was the youtube series on building your own MVC, offered by JREAM.