A Bright CMS currently requires the following:

    • PHP version 5.2 or higher, currently tested up to 5.4.3.
    • Apache web server 2.2 or higher, with rewrite_module active, currently tested up to 2.2.22.


    • Install PHP and Apache, which can be done with a server stack like MAMP/LAMP/WAMP/XAMPP.
    • Download latest A Bright CMS version or clone from github.
    • Place files into the directory that is set to run web pages for your localhost.
    • Point your browser to http://localhost/abrightcms.
    • If the placeholder website loads, congratulations, you’ve installed A Bright CMS and are ready to begin development!

    Getting Started

    Once everything has been set up, you can change the name of the abrightcms directory to the name of your website, like example.com. Then, under application/config, find the settings.php file, and change the DOMAIN_NAME constant to reflect the new folder name.

    Make sure the settings.php file is set for development mode, then navigate to the localhost website in your browser. You should see the skeleton website load with the placeholder content.